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Rays are graceful, majestic, ethereal, vacuum-cleaners of the sea. And delicious! Ray flesh will vary greatly depending on which species and which part of the body it comes from.

If it’s fillets from the tail of a member of the Guitarfish family (such at the Eastern Shovelnose), they will be remarkably similar to Flathead.

If it’s the wings of the Eagle Ray, it’s a completely different experience, somehow halfway between pork and prawn flesh.

Fillets can be cooked as you would fish, but wings tend to be more robust and gelatinous, and can be cooked much more thoroughly without becoming dry.

Eastern Shovelnose Ray

Eastern Shovelnose Ray

Aptychotrema rostrata

This member of the Guitarfish family is available wild caught. It is a bottom-dwelling marine fish found...