Aaron Ward

Bathers Pavilion

Upcoming Classes:

Aaron will be hosting a masterclass at Sydney Seafood School on Saturday 27 July. Check out the schedule for more information and to book.

Aaron Ward wanted to be a chef from a young age, reading recipes and watching food programs as a child. In the early years of his career, he worked at a seafood restaurant in Coffs Harbour, learning the respect for fresh seafood.

Aaron also developed a strong love of cooking with vegetables from his years at Sixpenny, where he ascended to the role of head chef. He has worked closely with local farmers throughout his career, learning the importance of seasonality, sustainability and having a ‘No Waste’ mindset in the kitchen.

Ward then became the head chef at the unparalleled Shell House, and most recently has found himself leading the team at the Bathers Pavilion Restaurant. The Pavilion's menu is uniquely interactive, focusing on the provenance of each and every ingredient.


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