Wed 05 Jun

Five Warming Winter Seafood Recipes

Cold weather doesn’t mean you should miss out on enjoying fresh Australian seafood. Making the most of seasonal produce, and working seafood into hearty, nutritious dishes can improve your health (and budget!) this winter.   

It's time to add more seafood to your diet. Pay a visit to Sydney Fish Market to get your hands on the best ingredients to make these moreish winter seafood recipes at home.  


Laksa Lemak 

There’s nothing like a comforting laksa that warms you from the inside out. This recipe can include almost any seafood you like, including mussels, scallops and any firm-fleshed fish... Just remember not to overcook the seafood as it will continue cooking in the residual heat of the soup. 

The best part of a laksa is that it can be adapted to suit your taste. Add more or less fish sauce, lime juice, or sambal at the end, depending on how salty, sour, or spicy you like it.    



Crumbed Squid Rings 

A pub favourite and for good reason, who doesn’t love crumbed squid rings? This recipe calls for Loligo Squid, but you could substitute it for Northern Calamari, which thanks to Queensland's temperate waters, is in peak supply over winter. 

Deep-frying is fast; it quickly seals the food’s surface, locking in flavour and moisture, and adding an appealing crunch, colour,and aroma. Feel free to serve with tartare or mayonnaise, this adds a contrasting moistness to the crisp fish.   



Seafood Pie  

Winter and pie - the perfect match! By using seafood as your protein source, you’re nourishing your body with essential nutrients and vitamins that are especially important in the colder months. 

Think flaky pastry, creamy b茅chamel sauce and a beautiful aroma for your kitchen as the pie turns golden in the oven. Ling is an ideal species to use in pies and curries due to its firm texture and ready availablity in winter! 



Roasted Alfonsino  
This exciting and beautiful centrepiece is guaranteed to wow your dinner guests. Winter is ideal for species like Alfonsino, which is in abundance and premium quality.鈥 

The bright red fish is stunning to look at and even better to eat; it has a huge mouth, allowing it to eat a diverse diet which gives it a rich flavour profile. A fish that tastes this great doesn't require much effort to cook, which is always a bonus!  



Spanner Crab Spaghettini 

Comfort in every bite – a big bowl of spaghettini! This dish is quicker and tastier than takeaway. Increase or decrease the amount of chilli, capers or lemon to suit your tastes. 

If you’re confident handling crustaceans, Spanner Crab is coming into peak season. Alternatively, good quality, frozen Australian crab meat is easy to purchase these days. We use Ceas Spanner Crab meat from Rockliff Seafoods in Sydney Seafood School which is already picked and can be purchased in small 100g pouches.