Sun 19 May

6 Must-Try Dishes at Sydney Fish Market

If you've visited Sydney Fish Market before, we're willing to bet you ordered one of the classics: some prawns, a tray of oysters, a platter of fish and chips, or some fresh sushi. While these choices are a fantastic way to get a taste for our retailers' delicious offerings, there is so much more to discover... 

Read on to learn about six dishes from SFM that you might not know exist... And why you should try them on your next visit! 

The Barra Burger 

In the mood for something hearty? Well, there's a reason The Barra Burger is on The Boatshed’s substantial list. Combine crumbed Humpty Doo Barramundi from the Northern Territory with fresh slaw, cheese, and a potato bun and you may have found one of the best fish burgers in town. Served with crispy chips, because let’s be honest, no burger is complete without chips! 

Live King Crab in Singapore Chilli Sauce 

On your visit to Australia’s home of seafood, it’s the perfect time to try a species that might not  usually be at your local fishmonger. Tasmanian King Crab anyone? Also known as the biggest crab in the country. The best part of this dish is you handpick your crab live from the tanks, then decide on your sauce, and cooking style!  

Head to Nicholas’s to try this and if King Crab isn’t your vibe, you can also choose from lobsters, mud crab, abalone and whole fish. 

Seafood Okonomiyaki  

The Sushi Bar has customers hooked on their indulgent Seafood Okonomiyaki... For toppings think salmon, calamari and prawns all drizzled with barbecue sauce and a generous serving of mayo, of course. It’s the seafood combo we didn’t know we needed on a savoury pancake and naturally, we’re obsessed. 

Lobster Rolls 

No list of must-try dishes is complete without something from Peter’s Aburi Bar. The lobster rolls are one of the most famous dishes sold, with customers often coming just to try this iconic roll. Each one is individually blowtorched to perfection, and includes mouth-watering lobster meat on a brioche bun, with melted cheese and fresh fish roe on top.    

It’s no surprise there’s constantly a queue, arrive early to beat the lunch rush. And if you’re still hungry for more, try their aburi scallops next! 


If you haven’t already checked it out, Nicholas has opened a new Takoyaki stall in the main arcade. You can choose from octopus, prawn, or a combo of both, and then add creamy kewpie mayo and bonito flakes to your liking. Trust us, they’re addictive - just make sure you don’t burn your mouth, as they’re made hot and fresh to order! 

Sushi Donuts 

The best kind of sushi is in donut form... A paring we didn’t know was missing from our palate until Fish Market Cafe created it. These beautiful creations are not only famous in Sydney but also worldwide. And let’s face it, if you don’t Instagram these, did you even eat them? The sushi tacos are also not to be missed, with a tasty tempura crunch.